Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass Yeti™ Grass

Kentucky bluegrass is the most widely produced turf grass at Bigfoot Turf and we are committed to raising improved bluegrass varieties suited to this region to ensure that when maintained properly, that your bluegrass will perform year round.

Discover where the Yeti looms and why the rarity of his existence makes him one of the most sought after creatures in the woods. Our YETI™ Grass is a blend of 4 “elite” Kentucky bluegrass cultivars hand chosen for success in Colorado’s growing region. The base of this Kentucky bluegrass is made with an exclusively distributed seed nicknamed as “The Root Monster” for its shear strength across multiple blends, mixtures and species at Cornell University. This blend is equal in balance and will provide a drought tolerant, wear resistant, disease resistant bluegrass product that will perform in shade or full sun. It keeps a terrific winter color and gives an excellent spring green up while being a fine bladed, foot friendly and overall aesthetically pleasing grass perfect for your yard, park or sports field.

  • High quality consisting of four types of Kentucky bluegrass seeds blended for Colorado’s environment
  • Ability to fill in damaged or worn out areas, making it great for high traffic lawns or sports fields.
  • When maintained properly, bluegrass is drought tolerant
  • Gives that cultured estate-type finished look
  • Bigfoot uses weed free certified seed and harvests sod after it has matured 12-13 months
  • Standard for most HOA regulations