Thermal Blue

Thermal Blue is one of the highest rated drought tolerant bluegrasses available.  It is the also the deepest and fastest rooting bluegrass turf grass we produce.  Thermal Blue was developed by taking Texas bluegrass, which traditionally had the characteristics of being an extremely drought tolerant turf of marginal quality, and crossing it with Kentucky bluegrass, an aesthetically pleasing turf grass with moderate drought tolerance.  The result of this cross is a hybrid bluegrass that tolerates heat better than traditional bluegrass varieties.  Studies also show that Thermal Blue will also perform in shade.

Thermal blue has a medium green color and a finer leaf blade than turf type fescue.  It establishes very rapidly, and like our traditional bluegrass, has the ability to fill in damaged or worn areas.  This hybrid Bluegrass turf grass performs in heat similar to turf type fescue with the benefit of being fine bladed and “foot Friendly.”  With today’s water concerns, thermal blue is ideal for homes and parks with water restrictions.

  • High Quality Drought Tolerant Bluegrass
  • Rapid Establishment
  • Finer Texture than Turf Type Fescue