Sod Roll Info

Bigfoot has the capability to provide you with the “perfect” sod roll based on your individual needs.  Bigfoot Turf uses weed free seed and harvests sod after is has matured for 12-13 months.  We provide consistent mowing, fertilizing, and watering giving your product a mature root system, making it a superior sod roll.

Bigfoot Turf offers you high quality sod available in 2 different roll sizes


pallet of sod rolls

Sod Rolls – Small Rolls

sod mag rolls

Sod Rolls – Mag Rolls

10 sq ft. Rolls 24″ x 60″ Approx 65 lbs.440 sq ft per pallet Great for landscapers/residential Magnum Rolls 300 sq ft rolls Provides seamless appearance Residential, parks, athletic fields. Professional install required

Small sod rolls are generally what we cut for most projects. Magnum sod rolls are best for large open spaces with a lot of square footage such as parks, commercial buildings, and very large yards.