Sod Products

Here at Bigfoot Turf we grow our premium turf grass on sandy soils, seeded with premium seed varieties for a sod that will be the perfect fit for any project from athletic fields and parks to your homes back yard. Whether you are looking for a grass that will be perfect for the kids and dogs to play on, have a large shaded area, or you have well water and salty soil, Bigfoot Turf has the perfect sod for every application. Our varieties of choices for sod products include Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, drought tolerant Thermal Blue and salt tolerant PH-10. We grow each variety like it is the most important sod we have because we feel that the homeowner should have the same quality sod as a professional sports team.  At Bigfoot Turf the customer comes first and that begins with producing the healthiest sod for every application.

Our team mows multiple times a week to reduce thatch and frequently applies fertilizer, both granular and liquid, to promote healthy and mature grass.  Our sod is grown for 11-13 months before it is harvested for the customer to assure the plant is at its full maturity in order to promote establishment at your location. Bigfoot Turf is certified weed, pest, and plant disease free by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Check out our sod calculator to get an estimate on your project.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Thermal Blue

Tall Fescue