Our Guarantee

Bigfoot Turf believes in the quality of their products and offers their customers the following guarantee:

Limited Guarantee:

Bigfoot Turf provides a limited guarantee that sod purchased will be delivered to the customer weed free and disease free and will arrive at the job site freshly cut. Provided that the customer properly waters and maintains the new sod, Bigfoot Turf Farms will guarantee that the sod will perform at it’s maximum potential in the new environment.

Sod is a perishable product and requires immediate installation and watering. An immediate watering schedule must be activated upon installation to insure proper and timely establishment. Also, the performance of the new sod is dependent upon the pre-existing condition of the area in which the sod is to be installed. This is the responsibility of the customer prior to the delivery.

Sod may need to be watered if conditions are mild and dry throughout the winter months. Winter Kill may set in on both existing lawns as well as new lawns if adequate moisture is not received. This condition is not covered by this limited warranty.

All sod grown by Bigfoot Turf is compliant with the standards and requirements for turf set forth by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.