Measure for Sod


Step#1 “Sketch and Measure”

To determine the quantity of sod you will need for your project you must find the surface area of your newly planned lawn. You can do this with a tape measure or “wheel”. Make a rough sketch of your landscape and divide the total area of your newly planned lawn into individual squares, rectangles, triangles, or circles. Next, use a tape or wheel to accurately measure the length and width of each individual shape and record it on your sketch.

Step#2 “Doing the math”

Once you have your measurements you are ready to find your square footage. Look at each individual shape on your sketch and figure its surface area by applying the appropriate formula. i.e. the surface area of a square is the length times the width.  Once you have all the surface area of each individual shape you will add them all together to get your total square footage of sod needed for your project.

Step#3 “Account for Extra”

We suggest to add 2% or 3% extra for installation losses when fitting into odd shaped areas. Its easier to have a little left over than having to arrange to get more sod.