Install Sod

  • Start installation immediately after sod arrival to prevent the sod from drying out.
  • Lay sod parallel to the longest boundary i.e. driveways or sidewalks, or across slopes if the ground is rolling.
  • Place sod rolls in a “brick” like pattern so seams are staggered.
  • Push rolls tightly together so there are no seams showing. Avoid gaps and overlaps.
  • Water the sod during installation. An open hose works well moving it frequently on the installed sod.
  • After installation, thoroughly soak the sod to the point where it feels spongy underfoot.
  • Water frequently during daytime for 3-4 weeks to insure good root growth. This is especially important during the hot summer months.
  • Avoid heavy traffic on your new lawn for the first few weeks.

Delivery Tips

When the sod is delivered by Bigfoot Turf, the driver will place the sod around your yard at your direction.

Arrange to have at least an 8 ft wide gate or fence opening for the fork lift. This will save you a lot of labor!!

Place the 440 sq. ft. sod units about 20 feet apart. A 440 sq. ft. pallet will cover an area 20’ by 20’