Xeriscaping in Colorado

Xeriscaping refers to the practice of using low-water plants and water-saving materials to create a landscape design to withstand dry, winter climate. Xeriscaping in Colorado is popular because it thrives in semi-arid climates and requires little maintenance.

Some of the most popular reasons for growing xeriscape plants are

  • Saving Money: These plants require little water, so you’ll use (and pay for)  less water.
  • Helping Environment: Decreasing the need to mow and trim weeds will reduce the amount of air and noise pollution created by your lawn mower
  • Survive Colorado Climate Conditions:Using this type of design, gardens and landscapes will withstand Colorado’s constant climate change throughout the entire year.

While some homeowners embrace xeriscape so wholeheartedly, they transform portions of their yard into rock gardens, you don’t have to abandon traditional landscaping and the look of a great lawn to apply xeriscape principles to your yard. Drought-resistant plants are available as accents.  Use this list of common and popular water-friendly plants for transitioning into xeriscaping in Colorado.

Fernbush is a fern-like plant persistent through Colorado’s harsh winters. The shrub requires little maintenance and blooms clusters of small white flowers in the spring.

Coral Bells grow large leaves in hues that can be light green, burgundy or silvery green with flowers colors ranging from white to red, growing on slender stalks. This is widely popular plant due to its low maintenance needs.

Yarrow is a native perennial available in colors that range from yellow to white to red. Yarrow tolerates drought, and requires almost no water after you plant it.

During spring months, Catmint, widely popular mint, blooms blue flowers. Once established, it requires zero maintenance.

Mojave Sage is a large shrub, blooming purple-blue flowers throughout the summer and growing silver-green foliage. This bush grows up to three feet high, making it a great accent shrub.

Preferring well-drained soils, Penstemon requires little water. It’s available in just about any color, and its small size, makes it the perfect filler between other xeriscape plants.

Crimson Pygmy Barberry, produces red leaves and stems which makes a contrast with the normal tan and blue hues of late summer xeriscape plants.