Tips to Choose a Good Lawn Care Company

You invested in turf and had it professionally laid so your lawn looks its best. Now, you’re balancing a full-time job and personal life demands and want to keep it looking its best but don’t have the time. Enter the lawn-care company. With so many out there, finding a reliable one can be tough. Here’s Bigfoot turf’s tips to choose a good lawn care company:

  • Insurance matters: There are likely a lot of low-cost lawn care providers, but many of them may be doing it informally, without being bonded or with insurance. While that can keep the costs down, it can come back around to bite you: Should your home get damaged or a worker injured on your property, you may be on the hook if your provider isn’t covered.
  • Shop Services, Not Price: There’s no “standard” lawn care package that every landscape company offers, so you’ll need to do some detective work to find how companies’ service packages compare. Think about what you need, too: Some package deals may sound great, but do you really need shrub trimming services?
  • Avoid “Sight Unseen” Bids: Any lawn care company that will quote you a price without visiting your yard to check out your needs in person is one you should skip. Either they’re overcharging you or they’re so unaware of the individualized demands of their industry that services aren’t going to line up to what you need.
  • Do You Have a License for That? If you’re looking for someone to just cut your grass, you don’t need to worry about safety regulations too much. If you’re looking for chemical treatment of your landscape, find a company whose technicians are properly trained and licensed to ensure your home, family and landscape are properly protected.
  • No-Risk Guarantees: You’ll probably need to enter into a lengthy contract with your lawn care company. Before you lock down your needs until winter, seek a trial run. Solid, confident companies should be comfortable letting you see how well they perform before locking you into a contract.
  • Check Out Reviews: A host of review services are available to see how your prospective lawn care company stacks up. Visit Google, Facebook and Yelp to see what customers think of their services.

Keeping your turf looking its best should be the responsibility of your lawn care company. Follow our tips to choose a good lawn care company, and your yard will be looking as good as ever.