Sod 101

What is sod? Sod is replanted grass and soil held together by roots or other thin materials. This type of grass is sold in sections and known for it luscious looks and growing consistency.

Why sod? This is one of the most common questions among new homeowners or those looking to spruce up  curb appeal. Sod provides an instant lawn! No waiting, no growing; once it is installed, your house is immediately enhanced. The process is simple compared to the time-consuming hassles of seeding. Check out BigFoot Turf’s sod calculator to get an estimate on your project.

Other sod benefits include:

  • Increase Property Value
    First impressions are everything. When a buyer is touring homes, the curb appeal that sod adds can make their decision easy. The clean and soft grass adds 15-20 percent to the value of your home as well.
  • Muffles Noise
    No matter how esthetically pleasing your yard looks, noisy cars and disruptive road noise can destroy the tranquility it might inspire. Adding sod filters and muffles the unwanted neighborhood sounds.
  • Cools Air and Generates Oxygen
    On a hot summer day, your sod releases oxygen and cools the air by absorbing the carbon dioxide keeping the air clean and fresh around your home.
  • Traps Dust
    Turf-grass lawns trap dust and eliminate mud in your lawn.
  • Creates Soft Surface For Family and Pets
    Sod lawns create the safest playing surface for all family members and pets.

Whether you are looking for a grass that will be perfect for the kids and dogs to play on, have a large shaded area or you have well water and salty soil, Bigfoot Turf has the perfect sod for every application. Contact us with questions, a request for a quote or help with a project and not sure where to start. We can be reached by phone, email, Contact Form or visit us at our LaSalle location. Make all your neighbors envious of your lawn by using BigFoot Turf’s sod!