Keep Turf Looking Great with our Lawn Mowing Tips

Remember the excitement you had watching sod rolled out, transforming your dirt lot into a beautiful lawn? Keeping your lawn looking great requires maintenance, and, outside of watering, no chore impacts its health and appearance than mowing.

On the surface, mowing a lawn sounds easy: Push it back and forth and do your best not to miss spots. Easy, right? There’s a lot more to consider if you want your turf to look its best.

  • Follow the 1/3rd Rule: Never cut off more than a third of your lawn’s length when you mow. Going shorter makes it difficult for your grass to recover, and may impede root growth.
  • Stay Sharp: A sharp blade cuts cleanly while a dull one tears at grass blades, leaving them open to microorganisms that hurt them. Use a metal file to sharpen your blade at home.
  • Keep Cool: Mowing in the heat of the day isn’t merely no fun for you: It adds stress to your lawn, again, making it difficult for it to recover. Mow early in the morning or in the evening to spare both you and your turf heat stress.
  • Rotate Your Pattern: Grass develops a “grain” – a bend in the direction you mow – so mowing in the same pattern may leave your grass looking limp over time. Rotated your pattern – vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonals, spirals – to keep your sod looking its best.
  • The Right Height: Each grass species thrives at a particular height. Know the ideal height for your lawn. The bluegrasses Bigfoot Turf offers typically thrive at lengths of two inches, and typically need to be mowed weekly.