How To Overseed Your Lawn

Homeowners strive for a beautiful, lush lawn every coming year. What is the secret? Overseeding. This type of proactive plan keeps lawns looking great year […]

Lawn Care Year-Round

Happy New Year! To help out our clients and customers in the new year, BigFoot Turf put together a yearlong lawn-care calendar. Make 2018 your […]

Sod 101

What is sod? Sod is replanted grass and soil held together by roots or other thin materials. This type of grass is sold in sections […]

Rocks or Mulch?

Turf is an essential part of any yard, but there’s more to landscaping than your lawn. Sooner or later, you’re going to want to spruce […]

Xeriscaping in Colorado

Xeriscaping refers to the practice of using low-water plants and water-saving materials to create a landscape design to withstand dry, winter climate. Xeriscaping in Colorado […]

Winterizing Playing Fields

As the end of fall sports seasons approach players, coaches and fans think of championships, field managers are obsessed with an entirely different topic: winterizing […]

Sharpening Mower Blades

How often do you get a new razor blade? You wouldn’t scratch the hair off your face or legs with a blade you’ve used for […]